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Industry Updates April 2013

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Industry Updates

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What's on the horizon for Prince William County?

Take a look at upcoming development projects in Prince William County.

RESPA Rules on Agents

A home sale cannot be conditioned on the use of a specific title insurance company. Violators can face stiff penalties.

Marketing Strategies

(3) Three essential steps to working smarter, not harder.

Time to Tell Google Who Owns the Listing

You know how sometimes when you search on Google you see a picture of someone next to their article in the search results? That's pretty cool, because it helps that particular search result stand out from the rest and, of course, it gets that person a little bit of extra personal branding power.

After Years of Growth, Banks Are Pruning Their Branches

Following years of nearly unchecked expansion, financial institutions across the U.S. are closing thousands of outposts, as pressures mount to cut costs and more customers embrace online and mobile banking.