Title Insurance Comparison

A comparison of coverage

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Standard Residential Owners title insurance policy vs.
the Homeowner’s Policy:

CoverageHomeowner (Enhanced) Standard
1. Improperly executed document
2. A third party title claim
3. Pre-Policy forgery, fraud or document executed under duress
4. Defective or inappropriate recording of documentation
5. Failure to record restrictive covenants
6. Undisclosed liens
7. Mental incompetence of previous Grantors
8. Incorrect legal descriptions
9. Unmarketable title
10. Protection for Mechanics Liens
11. Automatic increase of coverage for five years to 150% of original policy value
12. Coverage to insure legal right for vehicle and pedestrian access
13. Protection for pre-policy zoning violations
14. 10,000 indemnity against improperly created subdivision
15. 25,000 indemnity for forced removal of existing structure other than a boundary wall or fence
16. Protection against forgeries affecting title that occur after policy is issued