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Is there a difference between Title Companies?

In this complicated home buying process you may be asking yourself, "Is there a difference between one Title Company and another?" We think so - you decide for yourself.

What are the main responsibilities and functions of the Title Company?

Most title companies will offer a basic range of services. These "basics" include preparation and recordation of the closing documents and disbursement of funds. Title companies who only offer these basic services may be cheaper - or they may not be- but you need to ask yourself whether your best interests will be served by cutting corners.

RGS TITLE will work with your lender to avoid scheduling problems, to make sure all title and survey requirements are met, and to resolve any unexpected loan charges at settlement. We will also work with your Real Estate agent to ensure compliance with the sales contract and to alert them to any potential title or survey problems. Finally we at RGS will work with you to answer any of the questions you may have before settlement and provide you with final settlement statements as early as possible before settlement.